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Smoldering Stubs

July 7, 2010

As of July 5th Wisconsin is the 28th with a ban on smoking in public spaces (bars and restaurants being the biggies) :

I, as an asthmatic who likes to get out of my room sometimes, was ecstatic. The prospect of not having another re-occurring scene of following my pack to the bar and being met with a wall of smoke to rival a haze machine in a doll house left me giddy. I for one, am not a fan of instant lung capacity decreases, or sitting on street benches in Wisconsin, in January, frantically attempting to get the attention of the less-than-coherent cohorts via text.

Not a fan.

I went home for the 4th of July festivities and my mom causality asked my opinion on the matter. Needless to say, my enthusiasm had first dibs on my initial reaction.

This was quickly met by my mom’s…err, companion…with whom I normally can share a solid banter; with an angry, explanatory, tirade on what was seemingly a thoughtless opion on my part.

This was taking away a right. Along with cig taxes high enough to create a large black market trade for them, the ability to have them is being diminished. Where is the right of chose what you do to yourself going? Why the control? If you don’t want to be in an environment that doesn’t have smoke, then don’t go there. Take yourself elsewhere. The business owner should make the smoking or no call. Simple.

Let’s say some friends and I got to the bar first and were enjoying ourselves, then a handful of smokers started to enter and smoke. Who’s right is more valued: that to smoke, or that to breathe clean air? Who has to go sit in the cold? Who do you cater to?

I still side with the the air breather. Smokers can still comfortably come back in within 5 min. The lung conscious won’t be back.

Is it fair to dictate where one is allowed to indulge in what they want (legally)? Drinking is restricted to bars and home, public displays of nudity, etc are generally prohibited. Is it fair to require smoking to being in open air or within the confines of your own 4 walls?

Where do you draw the lines?

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  1. Rappe permalink
    July 8, 2010 5:49 am

    Well, I was going to write something here to start a civil discussion, but I’m now too tired to come up with anything.


  2. Danette permalink
    July 17, 2010 2:13 am

    i completely agree about the smoking thing. I rather detest having to choose where i can or cannot go based on whether i want smoke blown in my face.

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