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Wine(r) Note #1: Dragon Blood

July 14, 2010

This series is on my journey to becoming that ever elusive, elitist group…wine snobs.

I will start by saying up front, at this moment in time, I’m a total noob. Yes I drink wine, I enjoy it the most of all the alcohols. I picked the habit up during my stint in Spain.  But I also have a big ol box of classy in the pantry I mix with coke or fanta on a regualr basis:

A regular classy evening with the roomie

Today, with my $7.99 I’m moving up in the world, a bought a bottle of 2007 Snap Dragon, Cabernet Sauvignon out of California:

Moving up int the World

Back Label story:

Legend has it..long ago, a farmer befriended a dragon using the creature to guard his crops from raiding poachers. Flying overhead, the dragon would snap its jaws causing thieves to flee empty handed. Upon the dragon’s demise, the farmer planted a vine over the majestic body which in time grew into a vineyard. Each harvest, the spirit of the dragon lives on inspiring the creation of these delicious wines!

First thoughts: Hot Damn! I’m Drinking Dragon’s Blood!!!

The description further goes into describing the wine as “fruit forward,” “easy to enjoy,” and “deep flavors.” It defiantly delivers on these promises, it doesn’t have that overly “wine-y” flavor (see, noob) and I can taste where the cherry, blackberry, and spice are coming from. If the farmer fed his dragon a strict diet of  of fruit, nuts, and berries, i’d imagine his blood would taste like this.

Who I recommend this to: Fruit lovin’ wine noobs, The Congregation at communion, and Fantasy Cos-players

How would I drink it: From a gold studded goblet.

Ranking: 3 apples and  a good flame o’ dragon

Your wine lovin noob,


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  1. Maddie permalink
    July 14, 2010 7:08 am

    baha…that’s awesome

    I was mixing orange Fanta with cheep cheep Italian wine they gave us at dinner…it was delicious and inspired others to drink it….also limeade and cheep wine was a good combo

    thank you for introducing it to me on classy nights
    otherwise I would not have been able to share it with others

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