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Wine(r) #2–Product of Italy

July 20, 2010

Now, I acquired my wine tastes in the fine country of Spain, which branched out into other parts of Europe, including Italy. I loved it there.

This influenced my wine decision making process while wandering about the wine and spirits store on my trip this last weekend. That and a niffy bottle.

I rather fancy that covering.

So for a $15 I purchased a 2007, Pio Chianti, Product of Italy and sudo smuggled it back to the hotel.

Being classy and all that, hotel wine glasses were busted out and a corkscrew was retrieved from the front desk. After much yanking and pulling, some teamwork got the bottle open, and it smelled delicious.

It did not taste so delicious. It wasn’t bad, I drank half of it.  It was rather tart in the wrong places and wasn’t “light bodied” as the back describes, least light bodied means lacking a range of flavor. I’d rather purchase two dragons to guard this guy’s crops over the price of another bottle.

How to drink this wine: pawned off to classy college student

Who’d drink this: Non-Italians who’ll snatch up and believe foreign is better, the sheep farmer who wishes he had that grape farmer’s dragon.

I’d give it: 2 sour grapes and a classy casket.

In an effort to learn more about what I’m talking about here is the wiki on chianti:

Note: This bottle did not have the chicken seal of approval.

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