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Wine (r) #3-4: Celebrations

July 24, 2010

It wasn’t my intent to have another bottle (or two) downed for review so quickly, however, there was cause for celebration. And Cause for Celebration is cause to walk across the street to the the liquor store.

The style of the bottle defiantly influences my wine choices, that and price.  Sales were bountiful and styles were in. I will state the bottle style is largely because there is a section of faux wall between the entry staircase and the living room of the apartment that displays bottles quite nicely. The plan is to gather a classy array of wine bottles and put tea lights under neath them. It will be lovely.

There was a near purchase from some overhead store owner commentary but our final decisions were most excellent.

My first commentary is on my fellow roomie and wine drinker’s choice a 2008 Riesling from Starling Castle


Starling Castle gets its name from the flocks of starling birds which surround the vineyards during each harvest, hoping to catch some of the ripe golden-green Riesling grapes.

Let me say that those birds did not get the best grapes. I did.

This. was. delicious.

Not to mention the fun front to back bottle effects with the bird and the castle. It was light and fruity and went delightfully well with the spinach quiche I made for supper. An excellent choice for around $10 out of Germany.

Moving across the globe to Chili, we have my red wine choice of the day– 2008 P.K.N.T Silver collection Point Noir.


There is no deep, epic, or touching story on the 2″  square back label. It doesn’t need one.  This is fruit in wine form. It was smooth, no biting after taste, but tasted distinctly like wine, not juice. Simple and wonderful. I picked this sleek wonder for a scant sale rate of $5. I’ve seen it go for $8-12.

Wine-ing out,


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