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July 28, 2010

This is the prologue to the District 9 based story (currently untitled).


It wasn’t there.

My brother had always insisted I had been too young, there was no way I could’ve remembered the ship. Yet, it was the first thing I noticed missing from the Johannesburg skyline as the plane banked in for landing.

Despite my duel citizenship being half in South Africa, I hadn’t been there since I was very young, and the ship still hung in the sky. My mother had hated the ship, she claimed the shadows it cases mid-day inhibited her window sill garden growth.  The “Ship Eclipse” was more timely than a swiss clock.  I found it fascinating, a floating fortress, an unexplored flying ruin, just waiting for some unlikely youth to discovers its secrets that adults had passed over.

Given, for most, it wasn’t the ship itself that had bothered the population-


The airplane landed.

“Please remain seated with seat belts fastened until the plane has reached the gate and the captain has turned off the seat belt light. Electronic devices, excepting computers, may now be used.Thank you for flying with us today and enjoy your stay in Johannesburg. ”

As Lizie reached into her pocket to retrieve her cell, she quietly unbuckled her belt and left it hanging over her lap, a little harmless rebellion was always in order. Passengers became restless and began to prepare themselves to ensure a quick exit. Being near the back of the plane, Lizie saw little point in the hurry and sat back and gazed out the window while her phone searched for signal.

I still can’t believe its gone.

*bzzzz* Two new messages flashed onto the screen:

“Customer Service Notice- You’re out of your current coverage plan. Additional fees may be charged. If you wish to change your plan—”


“Hey! This is Phillip! I’ll be on your team for InterCorps! Exciting! I got assigned to come pick you up, I’ll be down by the baggage claim, shouldn’t be too hard to pick me out haha. Righto, see you soon!”

Most people wouldn’t be so excited to being working with prawn….

Lizie looked up to see the remainder of the aircraft passengers filtering out, so she gathered her few things and headed out into the terminal.

“Thank you for flying with us, have a nice trip!” chimed the stewardess as Lizie passed.

As she walked down towards baggage,  Lizie texted back:

“Off the plane, be there soon.”

And thus her trip began.

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