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Wine (r) Blog #8: An Advocate for Pants-less Society Part 2

September 9, 2010

On the note of calimocho, there is also Tinto de Verano. Same idea, just with varieties of Fanta. Unlike Juice Banger, THE BIG RED MONSTER is shameless in that which is to come. Upon studying the label, you should know what your getting into:


Starting in the front: Here we see the monster. A red, octopusic, King Kong meets ET monstrosity sweeping up the [pants-less] women and sending the sharp dressed men on the run. Except this man.

Bottom right hand courner we see a man. A man boldly facing up into the face of the Bacchus channeling monster and there we see the reason for this RED BEAST’s rage.

This man is drinking another wine.

Yes, there in the front label, the man is drinking a different wine.

As are 3 of the figures fleeing the monster.

They know.

And in the next blog I will fill in these four figures with four wines worth your under $10.

But the BIG RED MONSTER’s show (directed by Rob Pepi and Jeff Booth) is your just over $10 ticket.

On to the back story. THE BIG RED MONSTER hails from the heat of California. Admittedly made from grapes that shun water, and revel in heat.

Now, it just turned to cold up here in Northern Wisconsin and I couldn’t be happier. I may have begun to shun the outdoors but for the first time in 3 months I feel alive, not swapped and groggy from heat. Maybe it’s the nature of these grapes that ran me lackluster on this drink (there is no specification to year or wine make). It’s a little too thin for my thick blooded northern self.

But, there is a disclaimer: “This wine should not be drunk by itself. Once uncorked, please allow the Monster to breathe for at least half an hour before consuming.”

Drink it with fanta. It’s delicious. Or steak. Be a monster. And don’t wear pants.

Lion sees no reason to wear pants.

Reasearch Note: Apparently my apartment hold is the one group who doesn’t like it that much, this chap (who is wine-ier than I)  gives a good review:

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