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Wine (r) Blog #9-10-11-12 (13,14): An Advocate for Pants-less Society Part 3

September 9, 2010

Traveling the World, Not wearing Pants

*on filling awkward silence….*



“I’m not wearing pants.”

= Perhaps the greatest line to come from a (nearly) pants free lifestyle. Most effective on those who haven’t been around me quite as long, and the skirt thing hasn’t fully settled in. Other useful applications include: body temperature regulation, quickly ready for more formal occasions, carrying large quantities of items, cars stopping quicker for pedestrian crosswalks, and overflowing river wading.

[all from experience]

Climbing Mountains, Not wearing Pants

Now, I don’t expect the world to start ditching pants for these reasons. There are many times I found myself in want of pockets or a layer of fabric closer to my legs.

No, the notion of pants-less society isn’t one that is indeed pants free. Rather:

If neither of us were wearing pants right now, would you be ok with it?

There is a degree of freedom and relaxedness that comes from ditching the lower garments. An inherent trust and understanding with mutual pantslessness. It’s a mentality of acceptance and a dash of self confidence. And no wine party is classier than that were pants have been ditched. (or at least can be)

Thus I present 4 wines for the pants free spirit:

Behold the Stately Cock, Free of Pants

HRM Rex ~ Goliath – 2007 California Pinot Gringo

His Royal Majesty Rex Goliath is a fine specien of a bird, a rooster weighing in at 47 lbs. This friend of the feather traveled the circus route during the turn of the century and this wine is a fine tribute to the fowl.

To be honest, I’ve been a slacker deprived of internet of late and its been a while since I downed this bird. Like Rex, the memory is fading from me, but I recall it being quite drinkable. Bright flavored, touching on a strong wine flavor for white without being overwhelming to the point of sips only. As the label states, and I’ll fly with it, cultured but racy, and very romantic.

These next three shot their way into top marks of cheap wines for me. All weighing in near the $10-12 mark.


Blüfeld- 2009 Riesling, medium sweet of Mosel, Germany

I have yet to meet a Riesling I haven’t liked. Nay, loved. This one literally sits side by side the Relax on my wine wall.

Blüfeld is said to be inspired by the blue slate soil of German vineyards. I haven’t made it to Germany yet, but I’ll be a plant if their soil tastes this good. Blüfeld is smooth. So smooth, it barely registered I was drinking wine. Nay, if Relax is the brightness of fresh snow, Blüfeld is that which covers the earth and softens the edges. It’s the lightness of fruit melded into a soft spring from its deep blue bottle.

Same evening, other side of the spectrum is the red.

Character comes from your Roots

Root: 1- 2008 Carmenere of the Colchagua Valley in Chilie

I should learn my lesson and only pick my whites from Germany and my reds from South America (oh the irony in that statement…) Root: 1 is my new favorite red. Hands down. Root 1 grows all its vines from the original plant, not a drafted one in the vineyard and promotes sustainable “viticulture.”

The simple statements of plums, blackberries, and spice these southern bottles give me leave me little to talk over but a lot more to drink. Root: 1 is a full flavored fruit favoring red with just enough tannin flavors to know its wine. A red to rival blood, its runs into you just as smoothly, and with higher alchy content than the Blu, you’ll know it sooner too.

Unless you have artery troubles, which this next one might give you…


ChocoVine of Holland

This wine was bought on a whim. I had something else in my hand and then I saw chocolate. Two fixes in one this vine delivers. (and gold medal winner of wine tasting awards!)

I first sampled this delicacy on a day of 90 + degrees and a humidity to match. I cracked open the bottle expecting a chilled sweet release from the clutches of mother nature. I was greeted with a liquefied box of chocolates with the consistency of milk. Delicious. But not jiving with the weather. So back to the fridge it went.

Several weeks later, a roommate cracked it open to the following response

“…mmm, chocolate…yeah…OMG WINE AFTER BITE ah!”

I failed to see the problem with this, and thought maybe despite the 6 months from opening go head, perhaps the aeration hadn’t treated it so well.

Thus, one of the greatest things known to wine in college was created.

Chocolate Wine Milkshakes.

1 part ChocoVine

2 -3 scoops French silk chocolate icecream with chocolate bits

Several dashes of chocolate syrup

Couple tablespoons of chocolate milk

Blend till mixed.

Pour into classy glasses.



*Warning: Combined wine and chocolate effects may induce sleepiness in some to alertfull, pounciness in others. Drink with little caution.

Bonus Wines:

Lindemans Bin 99 2009 Pinot Noir of Australia

Crane Lake 2009 Pinot Noir of California.

The Lindeman’s I drank near the time of Rexy, Crane lake just yesterday both of which I recommend for mulling.

Take mug ‘o wine

Add a bottom layer of honey

Sprinkle in cinnamon and nutmeg


Microwave till hot

Enjoy this hot drink for the cold weather outside.

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