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Wine(r) Blog # 7: Advocate for a Pants-less Society Part 1

September 9, 2010

“What the hell? *points* You’re wearing pants! I don’t know you.”

If I received a dollar for every time someone has said that….I could buy another cheap bottle of wine. But that’s mostly because I don’t wear pants very often.

I’m not wearing pants right now.


Going to Hogwarts....not wearing pants.

This nearly pants free lifestyle wasn’t intentional. Rather came about through a steady wearing out a jeans and not having the funding to buy enough worthwhile denim to replace loss in comparison to ceaseless cheap, chic, thrift store skirts. It’s hit the point where pants almost feel foreign. Like Juice Banger.

Juice Banger (2008 Tempranillo Garnacha) was bought for 3 reasons.

1) It was from Spain

2) It was under $5

3) Calls were made, and wine was needed.

I failed on 3 counts:

1) I’m a sucker for all things Spain

2) It was under $5

3) Wine was not achieved.

Juice Banger claims the back label definition of: an intensely flavored and extremely drinkable wine.

Juice Banger is drinkable by the graces of calimocho. A (Spanish) wine concoction of in this case a little wine and a lot of coke. It does not taste like juice; it will not get you banged. Or even ditch your pants.

If you want calimocho (which I recommend), buy Franzia. Not Juice Banger.

Tour de Franzia FTW

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