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Wine(r) Blog #15: Yar! It be talk like a Pirrrrate day!

September 20, 2010

Ahoy Mates!

In honor of talk like a pirate day I drank….mead.

I be awares this be a drink for medieval bards, adventurers, and the Renaissance festies, and it surely isn’t the traditional grog or pirates.  But alas, as always the rum is gone. Thus today we drink the honey wine.

(alas it also would not let me shrink the photo any farther)

The tale that be told on this bottle be one near and dear to my childhood heart. As a young lass me hearties of kin journeyed towards water in all its fine forms (great lakes, waterfalls, rivers) on our many adventures. This one of ntoe was down the mighty Mississippi.

As a crew who values their history, stops at most if not e’ery, roadside marker of the lore was sure to be re-told in narrative by one of the crew. This marker resided near the port of Maiden Rock, WI and tells as follows:

A young Native lass loved a brave of her tribe dearly. Then when her father required her to marry a suitor she did not love, she leapt from one of the many bluffs in the area and fell to her death.

The town, and this wine company, now are named in her honor.

Perhaps it is because most markers of lore dully recount geographic histories of the area that this particular tale has stuck with me over the years, but it was a fine sight to lay eyes on almonst the bottles o brew.

Maiden Wines’ mead is a fine attribute to the senses that will not run your doubloons dry. Its a smooth sailing tribute to the honey flavors its brewed from and an excellent addition to any flask of bard, pirate, or D & D adventurer who really wants an authentic drink at every drink house they come upon while rolling for information.


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