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Productivity Drop

October 17, 2010

Never Never Never Ever show me some some new, addictive, quick to learn little computer game. I’ve written in the past of how Spider solitaire was the bane of my existence and today I’ll adress this little fiend:

Bubble Spinner, at Dead Whale dotcom.

The premise is simple- shoot colored balls at like colored balls to form groups of three or more to cause them to fall off into nothingness, thus reducing the load on the spinning pivot until there are none left. Then it refills its self and every ball is double points. It follows a lose base in physics , generally abiding by newtons laws of motion and some rotation principles, all while this watery, soothing music jingles in the background. (which I tend to turn off in favor of last. fm.)

An unsuspecting music major innocently was playing it on a nearby computer and I had to try it. And now I’m stuck.

The problem with these games is I feel as though I have to play them till I master them. Examples:

—My record for expert minesweeper is 112 seconds.

—I beat expert spider solitare on a regular basis.

—I’ve beat freecell 194 times in a row.

—I’m really friggin good at Robot Unicorn Attack.

–All of the Tap-Tap songs on hard on my ipod are at at least 98% perfect. Expert are all above 90%

But there is no real mastery point in this game. Thus I’m stuck in this cycle. I have papers to write. But there is internet on nearly every computer. The light brain activity is relaxing and addicting. Eventually I’ll get sick of it, but right now, its a fight. A challenge. Both to resist the urge to play and to become the master of spinning balls.

Never show me an endless flash game. Please.


That is all.

I have bubbles to spin. errr…I mean papers to write.

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  1. Rappe permalink
    October 18, 2010 8:08 pm

    Not an endless game, I promise. But it is a lot of fun. ;D

    • October 20, 2010 3:32 pm

      Damnit! There went 2 hours of my productivity time, grrr. But I won! And one of the first things I created was….vodka. yes.

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