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October 26, 2010

I apologize for disappearing off the face of the blog sphere, but as my roomies can attest, I’ve pretty much dropped off the planet unless you work or have class with me.  Its likely to remain this way through the semester.

Things and things that are eating up this ‘time’:

**Research presentations at WAPT/ SPS Zone meeting, then later at the Acousitcal Society of America Meeting in Nov.

**Getting said research written up to publication standard

**Advanced Lab…yeah…


**Maintaining my percussive skills

**Keeping the lighting sphere of Production Services in order and progressing forward

**Sleeping (I really do fight this one in there)

**GRE studying…yeah…

**Applying for graduate school

**Writing musical works for various instruments

**That other class I’m taking somewhere in there.

**Maybe eating something besides caffiene?

**Assorted other things that somehow tie into the above such as

–grant writing

–contacting people (so many e-mailz)

–staring into lights

–figuring out what to do with my transmission-less car

–Writing more academic papers

–Looking fancy and talking to people

–whatever the day may hold.

I’m writing this as much to have yet another list of it all to keep my mind in order. I try to live in the moments in which I am and can be around other people, hopefully someday in the not so distant future I can resume a healthy social structure.

Till then, just try to find me and say hi 🙂

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