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November 1, 2010

The days where I have enough time to go home and cook are the best ones.  Today was one of them.

My favorite part of cooking is the creativity/creation process to instant gratifying results. (That I get to eat!! Possibly you too….) Something that neither music nor physics likes to give into…ever….

My mother was in the area this past weekend and with her came a bag of garden fresh vegetables and hen-house fresh eggs. There will be much excellent eating this week. 🙂

Today’s concoction was a hybrid of several of the cultures I have lived in. The main course of this sudo-stir fry was potatoes, broccoli and noodles accented with onions, peas, corn, and carrots. While the noodles were cooking the rest was fried up in olive oil with a little garlic salt and pepper, later adding a dash of soy sauce. Once the noodles were cooked I threw them in there to absorb some flavors.

Its all gone now 🙂

(sorry for the poor image quality, my camera is out for the count so palmpixi is subbing in)




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