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Shameless musical indulgences.

December 2, 2010

Sorry roomies, but blasting techno and hispanic dance pop is how I pump myself up to go preform classic percussion works. At least it only happens about twice a semester.

If you’re reading this before 7:30pm tonight…COME TO THE PERUCSSION CONCERT IN KFA

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to see me rip notes on the ‘rimba in the last 5 years or ever, I’ll try and record and post a meek quality, grainy video that doesn’t get the whole range of marimba timbre in which I don’t miss too many noticble notes and some sticks go flying for your entertainment.

These are my shameless pump up songs of the day. Enjoy. Dance about thine room. 😀

Shamless pleasure:

Yeah..more shamelessness:

Legit quality here:

I’ve ran off to Mexico since I last wrote, I won’t be able to do that justice until after finals, but here’s a teaser photo:

What is going on here? Where am I? What am I climbing on? Who is that Mexican man?

You will have to wait.


Oh for the love of cliff hangers…

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