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I lack words

August 7, 2011

Sorry I disapeared into the mountains.

All summer.



So, I’ve spent the past two months in the redwoods, up a mountain, in California, on the same camp with this crazy bunch of people.

This is, without peer, the best group of people I’ve ever worked with.  Its hard to put 40 people together and make one big cohesive group, but within the first week that’s what we were and it grew from there.  Sure, there were the dramas, but they seemed minor compared to the bonded energy flying everywhere. It baffles me that a group that big with personalities from all around the country and walks of life can just fall together like that’s how it always was.  Its like I found my long lost family of peers I didn’t know I had. It blows my mind that I functioned without these people in my life before.

It makes some sense, the “instant” bonding.  Working at a camp forces you to be more than what you usually have to be in “normal” life.  In most postitions, you really don’t have to be around your coworkers more than whats job related. And conversation can be left at that, even expected so. Camp is 24/7. And these are your people. And your modeling your complete self for a mob of youth. You have to be you times 200x all the time, with all these people. Given a little thought, you could “know” a coworker at some other job for years, say you talk to them 3-5min a day about non-work stuff. Thats about 25 min a week. Over the course of a year you’ll have talked to them ~25 hours. One week of camp with a co-leader and you’ve probably lived through more experiences than that year of “knowing” someone.

8 weeks later, I have about two more to say goodbyes and figure out what I’m going to do with myself heading eastward without these people within a yells distance of my physical person. Yeah….I’ll probably write more while sitting in the airport about 14 days from now in some kind of super-withdrawl, attempting to put my ducks back in a row. I’m still trying to get my head around the fact I’ll be in graduate school in upstate New York less than a month from now….

August is going to be friggin intense.



Yeah, really I lack thoughts, much less words, to express whats going on right now.



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