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September 28, 2011

Ok folks, here’s the deal.

I’m going to re-vamp this puppy.


*I no longer can afford to buy weekly bottles of wine to dabble one about. (But if one comes up, I’ll talk 🙂 )

*My life has changed. Sort of. I mean I’m still a student. But I’m a graduate student. And living in New York.

The State.

Not the city.

*I have a redonkulous amount of free time. I’ve been a bum for the past 10 hours and I don’t feel bad about it. Its glorious.


Those are my reasons. If I write them down and post them. This is more likely to get done.

Even if at the moment I’m talking to a near invisible audience, perhaps this will serve as a better communication form for all you lovely people I love but live in (litterly) everywhere else in the country.

K, ttyl. Woo.

~WindyRose out.


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