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Who’s Writing this?

I could prattle on about what I think about myself, but your not me. So here’s what other people have said:

“…That’s cause you’re smart.”

~Un-named Masses

“I had a parent ask if we had a professional acting teacher working with the kids…. I may have told them yes”


“OMG You so look like a Wisconsin milk maid!”


“Windy, how’d you get so cool?”

~A Bear

“That’s ’cause your crazy.”

~More UnNamed Masses

“How’s life? How’ve you been? Are you president yet?”

~High School Friend

“You’re one of the most normal people I know”

~Confused aquiantence.

“I think you should consider a career change and become Mizz Frizzle.”

~Awesome Co-Worker

“So what are you doing after graduation? Become a professional soccer player?”

~High School Soccer Coach

“You should be an Agriculture Teacher. Come, join us.”

~Ag Ed professor

“You should become a Sociology major!”

~a note written by my anthropology major on my exam.

(I majored in Physics and Music….)

“I think you’re a pirate in real life.”


“I think you’re a zombie in real life.”

~College aquaintence

“…Its ok dear, Hitler would love you.”

~My mother.

“You’re such a genuninely nice person, I really appreicate that.”

~More Awesome Co-workers

“…other people think your nice? I don’t beleive you.”

~~My Father.

…to be continued…

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