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November 1, 2010

The days where I have enough time to go home and cook are the best ones.  Today was one of them.

My favorite part of cooking is the creativity/creation process to instant gratifying results. (That I get to eat!! Possibly you too….) Something that neither music nor physics likes to give into…ever….

My mother was in the area this past weekend and with her came a bag of garden fresh vegetables and hen-house fresh eggs. There will be much excellent eating this week. 🙂

Today’s concoction was a hybrid of several of the cultures I have lived in. The main course of this sudo-stir fry was potatoes, broccoli and noodles accented with onions, peas, corn, and carrots. While the noodles were cooking the rest was fried up in olive oil with a little garlic salt and pepper, later adding a dash of soy sauce. Once the noodles were cooked I threw them in there to absorb some flavors.

Its all gone now 🙂

(sorry for the poor image quality, my camera is out for the count so palmpixi is subbing in)





Stuff and Stuff

October 26, 2010

I apologize for disappearing off the face of the blog sphere, but as my roomies can attest, I’ve pretty much dropped off the planet unless you work or have class with me.  Its likely to remain this way through the semester.

Things and things that are eating up this ‘time’:

**Research presentations at WAPT/ SPS Zone meeting, then later at the Acousitcal Society of America Meeting in Nov.

**Getting said research written up to publication standard

**Advanced Lab…yeah…


**Maintaining my percussive skills

**Keeping the lighting sphere of Production Services in order and progressing forward

**Sleeping (I really do fight this one in there)

**GRE studying…yeah…

**Applying for graduate school

**Writing musical works for various instruments

**That other class I’m taking somewhere in there.

**Maybe eating something besides caffiene?

**Assorted other things that somehow tie into the above such as

–grant writing

–contacting people (so many e-mailz)

–staring into lights

–figuring out what to do with my transmission-less car

–Writing more academic papers

–Looking fancy and talking to people

–whatever the day may hold.

I’m writing this as much to have yet another list of it all to keep my mind in order. I try to live in the moments in which I am and can be around other people, hopefully someday in the not so distant future I can resume a healthy social structure.

Till then, just try to find me and say hi 🙂

Productivity Drop

October 17, 2010

Never Never Never Ever show me some some new, addictive, quick to learn little computer game. I’ve written in the past of how Spider solitaire was the bane of my existence and today I’ll adress this little fiend:

Bubble Spinner, at Dead Whale dotcom.

The premise is simple- shoot colored balls at like colored balls to form groups of three or more to cause them to fall off into nothingness, thus reducing the load on the spinning pivot until there are none left. Then it refills its self and every ball is double points. It follows a lose base in physics , generally abiding by newtons laws of motion and some rotation principles, all while this watery, soothing music jingles in the background. (which I tend to turn off in favor of last. fm.)

An unsuspecting music major innocently was playing it on a nearby computer and I had to try it. And now I’m stuck.

The problem with these games is I feel as though I have to play them till I master them. Examples:

—My record for expert minesweeper is 112 seconds.

—I beat expert spider solitare on a regular basis.

—I’ve beat freecell 194 times in a row.

—I’m really friggin good at Robot Unicorn Attack.

–All of the Tap-Tap songs on hard on my ipod are at at least 98% perfect. Expert are all above 90%

But there is no real mastery point in this game. Thus I’m stuck in this cycle. I have papers to write. But there is internet on nearly every computer. The light brain activity is relaxing and addicting. Eventually I’ll get sick of it, but right now, its a fight. A challenge. Both to resist the urge to play and to become the master of spinning balls.

Never show me an endless flash game. Please.


That is all.

I have bubbles to spin. errr…I mean papers to write.

Series of Questions

October 14, 2010
Why is negative so much easier to default to than positive, if no one wants the negative? Who honestly is going to be offended at a friendly offer? Why do we shut doors on our “friends” ? Theoretically and literally? Why do we always take the loyalist amongst us for granted? And spend more time with those less steadfast, but newer? Why do the loyalist always let the rest tramp them into the ground? Why do we ignore those around us, afraid to ask,  silently suffer? Why is it those who aren’t in that inner circle the only ones who ever notice? Who wants to be alone like that? Or if they knew any better, would they continue to let those around them live like that? Because its easier? It it really such a surprise, who it is among us that decides to leave “before their time”? Don’t their reasons make sense? Or if there is no “known” reason, doesn’t that prove a reason enough? Who is a person without others to compare and associate to? Who is a person if theres no one else to view and define them? Why is it so hard to believe that people are actually capable of love? That it isn’t just a series of motions defined over an existence  that we fool ourselves into feeling some undefined way, what if that’s all it is? Why is it when those motions are miss your slowly excluded? That that slow settling belief  becomes a reality that’s near impossible to change course, mostly because others allow you to go there, that insanely wrong belief that keeping a distance, a departure from another is allowing them to be themselves, when being yourself means nothing with no one to witness? Why do people follow this? Who among us is this mythical thing called a friend? Why has no one proved this to be true? Is it in human nature to react to an initial cry, then revert to each one exclusive life before their “comrade” is healed? Don’t those shallow moments of reactions just fool people into believing they helped, when in reality they’re simply reinforcing the problem? We can’t allow anyone to pass, but we cannot allow anyone to live? Why is the world so unobservant and unintentionally selfish? the ignorance of the obvious? Is ignorance really bliss? Honesty is the greatest pain? For all one’s ‘successes’, why is it incredibly lonely? Why are so few capable of stepping outside of themselves for more than a micro-moment?
Why do these questions feel like statements to me? Why should they be my truths?
What is the liklihood anyone is going to reply to this? Read this? Care? Care for more than 20s seconds? Care tomorrow? Next week? In a month? Is it always easier to care when you’re not the one right there? Is it easier from miles away? Why am I the only one who can do anything? Why are other people laughing in the other room while I cry writing this? Why do I think I can’t post this because it’ll impede on other people’s happiness? That I’d rather leave than listen to the temporary, soon forgotten “Be happier’s!” that will be spit out because no one really knows how to care, we’re no taught how to care about our friends. To know how to console. We pawn it off to “professionals” but do they really know any better? They’re still humans in this cycle. I’d rather leave. Start over. And maybe break this. Bye.

Wine(r) Blog #16: GLEE!

September 22, 2010

It is very likely the wine posts will now come on Tuesdays. Why? Because Glee is on this day, and thus is a day reserved exclusively for roommate bonding over songs, drama, an excellent wardrobe department, wine, and delighting over remarks such as but not limited to:

“I thought I smelled cookies from the tears of elves weeping that live in your hair.”

“Puck: Dude, your mouth is huge. How many tennis balls can you fit in there?
Sam: I don’t know. I’ve never had balls in my mouth. Have you?”

“You look terrible. I look awesome.”

“You had me at sex tape. How can I help?”

“The two of you are making a mistake, the likes of which have not been seen since the Mexicans sold Manhattan to George Washington for an upskirt photo of Betsy Ross”

“That Bieber cut has got to go.”

“Tina: You ignored me for weeks this summer.
Artie:I was playing a marathon game of Halo, woman.”

So…we got wine.  One roommate was in doubt, concerned over the soonness over which the soon to be bought wine would need to be drank. I informed her the store was now selling Starling Castle Riesling on sale in 1.5 liter bottles. She came home with an epically proportioned bottle.

Starling’s Red was on my palate today:

The bottle only looks black till its empty.

Red is not the forte of Starling Castle, but its a good input.  The taste is fruit heavy to the point of aquiring questionably colored lips and teeth.  DO NOT DRINK THIS IN WELL LIT ROOMS. I currently look like, as a roomie so affectionatly put it: that I’ve been gnawing on coal.


Thick, smooth, and rather ‘sweet’ for a red, I take this one in sips. But it is mighty cool bottle.


Food versus Drink (and everything else)

September 22, 2010

Having recently moved out of the cover of a college meal plan and into cooking for myself, I’ve become much more aware of how much:

1) I actually eat (or rather don’t eat)

2)What I spend on food

3) How that food spending breaks down.

I had the great benefit of growing up within a 5min walk of my grandmother’s (and for several years, both sets of grandparents). We’re talking your quintessential grandmother who had a cookie jar right next to the entry and preparation for Christmas and Thanksgiving meals involved fasting for 24  hours on the fact that space had to cleared for the culinary wonders that were to come.  Between her and my mother with 20 green thumbs I learned what to cook with, how to cook it, and well.

Thus my food costs primarily consist of basic ingredients, steering away from pre-made, or ‘easy’ to make items.

Last weeks grocery bill for two full brown bags of goodies totaled $19.  Throw in a few more runs for fresh fruit and veggies over the next month, and perhaps a meal out;  I’ve been averaging a spending of $30-$50 per month on food.

According to the USDA July 2010 data, I’m spending near 1/3 of some one my age on average should be spending on the “thrifty plan” or $148.30:

I chalk this number up to a couple factors, 80% of what I  buy is on sale/discount or the cheap brand. I also live in one of the lower cost of living areas in the country:

However, if you add in my spending on coffee, tea, Mountain Dew, and wine, this food price tag doubles. Really.

My coffee/tea/mtn dew re-stock run cost just over $20, same for the last wine run. $40 in a month.

Granted, this are things I don’t buy on sale, or are only slightly discounted. Cheap coffee, tea, and wine is just ick. All noodles taste the same once the Preggo is dumped on them.

This still all only brings me up to the cost of food for a 5 year old in 1999.  Which after tuition and rent, is my #3 re-occurring cost on my budget. #4 after cell phone if I cut back on caffeine and alchy (what?).

Late night homework marathons aside, these beverages aren’t entirely necessary.  They’re more supplementary to life enhancement. Tea for warmth and comfort, coffee and MtnDew for wake ups and mild productivity boosts, and wine for..well…the love of wine.

I’m sure this personal 50/50 ratio will change as I age and tastes adjust to something more 60/40 or 70/30.

For now I mark it as a blessing that I live in a low cost segment of the country in the world where less than 10% of disposable income has to go towards food on average versus the 20 to 50% seen elsewhere.

But there are some questions for you.  We spend so much on other things, wouldn’t it be more valuable to our well being to cut back on the frivolous and improve the necessities? What is actually under the ‘food’ bracket of your costs? We’ll spend $15 extra on that perfect shirt theres never on context to wear, but not spend the extra buck on the whole grain bread? Food actually goes into the bodies we are forced to live in everyday. Wouldn’t it make more sense to invest in them?

Wine(r) Blog #15: Yar! It be talk like a Pirrrrate day!

September 20, 2010

Ahoy Mates!

In honor of talk like a pirate day I drank….mead.

I be awares this be a drink for medieval bards, adventurers, and the Renaissance festies, and it surely isn’t the traditional grog or pirates.  But alas, as always the rum is gone. Thus today we drink the honey wine.

(alas it also would not let me shrink the photo any farther)

The tale that be told on this bottle be one near and dear to my childhood heart. As a young lass me hearties of kin journeyed towards water in all its fine forms (great lakes, waterfalls, rivers) on our many adventures. This one of ntoe was down the mighty Mississippi.

As a crew who values their history, stops at most if not e’ery, roadside marker of the lore was sure to be re-told in narrative by one of the crew. This marker resided near the port of Maiden Rock, WI and tells as follows:

A young Native lass loved a brave of her tribe dearly. Then when her father required her to marry a suitor she did not love, she leapt from one of the many bluffs in the area and fell to her death.

The town, and this wine company, now are named in her honor.

Perhaps it is because most markers of lore dully recount geographic histories of the area that this particular tale has stuck with me over the years, but it was a fine sight to lay eyes on almonst the bottles o brew.

Maiden Wines’ mead is a fine attribute to the senses that will not run your doubloons dry. Its a smooth sailing tribute to the honey flavors its brewed from and an excellent addition to any flask of bard, pirate, or D & D adventurer who really wants an authentic drink at every drink house they come upon while rolling for information.